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Thursday, October 30, 2014

. Secrets to Building Muscles!

So, what's the secret to getting a muscular body? Consistency
And what is consistency? This means doing something over and over again until you get results. Without consistency, you'll get nowhere in life.
And really, the secret to building muscles is that simple. Just be consistent in what you're doing.
This means that if you're regularly lifting heavy weights, then continue to lift heavy weights. Or, if you're lifting lighter weights, then continue to lift light -- as long as you're lifting until you can't lift anymore. Otherwise, your muscles won't benefit.
This means that if you're taking a weight-base exercise class such as Les Mills BodyPump, or any free-style sculpting class, then you need to continue doing so and continually challenge yourself.
This means that if you're doing boot camp, then continue doing boot camp.
This means that if you're doing only body-weight exercises, then continue to do so.
It's all about consistency! When people say that they've done everything to gain muscle with no signs of improvement, I'd guarantee you that they aren't consistent. Why? Well, just think of the typical person who wants results fast and can't wait for anything. They try something for a while, see little results, and quit. Of course they would be complaining that they haven't seen results!
Think about this. I grew up in the ghetto. You have guys who can't afford a gym membership fee, but they are walking the streets looking like hulks! I'm pretty sure they don't have a specialized diet. The guys in prison don't have any specialize programs. They just lift! And you probably know a few people who have no knowledge of building muscles besides the fact that they have to lift weights. And they are walking around more buff than you!
What is their secret to getting muscles? They just kept doing what they did until they saw results!
But with consistency lies another secret: progression.
This means not only doing the same thing until you get results, but also to continue to challenge your body as you keep doing the same thing.
This means that if you are able to do 10 push-ups without breaking a sweat, then you need to do 15 push-ups. When that becomes easy, then do 20. And so on. Or, instead of doing 20 fast push-ups, try doing 10 slow push-ups
When that becomes easy, do more slow push-ups. Or, do a different set of push-ups such as tricep push-ups and diamond push-ups. Heck, go for doing one-arm push-ups!
What's going on with this progression thing? When the body senses that it's going to be challenged, it would make adaptations by activating more nerves for muscle contractions and forming more muscle fibers. As long as you keep progressing to newer, more challenging exercises, the muscles will continue to adapt until you're the one walking around showing off the guns!

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