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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Eight Week Workout Program

There are a number of ways to engage in an eight week workout program. Whether you are looking to lose weight or get in better shape, there is surely a short-term workout program for you. This is a guide to two of the many available eight week workout programs online, and how you can affordably incorporate a new fitness regimen into your workout life. Always remember to drink plenty of water when doing any workout and to not strain your body more than it can handle.
One of the best eight week workout programs on the Internet is the eight week advanced fitness plan published for free at Ivillage. This plan is ideal for those who already have a regular exercise regimen in their lives but want to lose some excess weight and/or tone their bodies more. There are squats that can be done with dumbbells or canned goods to really help the body shape.
There are both work out at the gym and work out at home choices in this eight week workout program with plenty of variety. There are two rest days and a couple of lighter exercise days, such as walking or an easy cycle ride. Interval training and crunches, as well as options such as swimming, yoga, or aerobics, are included in the eight week advanced fitness plan.
Its mission is to help people lose 10 to 15 pounds and get more on the way to a toned and fit body. The actual workouts are 30 to 45 minutes in length, and require weight training on different parts of the body at least three days a week.
Cardio is also important to the eight week summer slim down. The authors of the plan encourage users to get up earlier each day to do 20 to 30 minutes of walking to avoid having to spend a lot of time trekking to and from the gym. Of course, people who want something more hardcore can participate in aerobics, treadmill running, swimming, or cycling as they wish.
There is also a full meal plan included, which is mostly low-carb. There is one high carb day offered, and then a rest day of dieting. The off day allows a cheat meal and a workout that is an hour cardio of any activity that the user especially enjoys.

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