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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Resources for Cancer Patients

Surviving cancer is a remarkable feat for many of the unfortunate people who must go through the rigors of surgery and then chemotherapy and radiation treatments afterward. The pain and feelings of hopelessness are considered 'normal' during the whole treatment process. However, it is also true that a large part of your recovery depends on the state of mind which you approach it in.
Which is why it's so important to have a support system in place before your treatment, during the course of your chosen treatment methods and especially after all the physicians have finished their work and your body is now considered to be cancer free.
There are many invaluable resources available to cancers survivors today. An organization called Journey Forward has launched a campaign to provide follow up care to cancer survivors. This organization will distribute survivorship kits to healthcare providers and cancer survivors in select states.
There are many new Cancer care connect booklets available to the public that deal with a variety of different cancers including liver cancer. The various treatment options that are now offered and the many resources that are available for counseling, pain management, managing side effects etc
These booklets are very insightful and helpful in your fight against these and other dreaded types of cancers.
There is a new cancer specialty certification recently launched that is being used to train Certified Cancer Exercise Trainers in how to work with cancer patients, including those who are currently undergoing treatment. Since this is a relatively new program it will take a few months before these specially trained exercise professionals are readily available.
There has also been a new pediatric GIST web site launched which offers parents of cancer stricken children advice, resources, counseling and even a social network where they can connect with parents who have children that suffer from the same ailments and receive encouragement and support from each other. Having a child who suffers from cancer can be a parents worst nightmare. Having the resources and support available to get through this time and share with others who have been there before you, can help immensely in overcoming the odds.
The Life Raft group has recently introduced a new e newsletter, this site provides you with access to the latest GIST articles on cancer and cancer treatments as well as the various counseling options that are available

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